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Terms & Conditions of Service

  • Anyone who is present at the job site that would like to help with the loading/unloading is not insured in any way by Alpha Moving Assistance, LLC. for personal injury or damages.

  • Any order that involves two or more locations will require a 3hr minimum order unless otherwise approved by the move coordinator. 

  • If an order is placed for more hours than the minimum amount of time for that order type and not all of the time is used for that job, no refunds can be made for the extra time. If it is over an hour, the time can be rolled over to a future order. 

  •  Orders placed within 24 hours of the start time will be subject to a same day premium of 15%. 

  • Customers may add time to an order in most instances but that time must be added before the original order time is up and the invoice for the added time must be paid before the additional time starts. Added time to an existing order while it is going on will be subject to the same day premium of 15%. 

  • Any damages that are believed to be the fault of our crew members must be reported to your move coordinator on the same day as the order. This report must be accompanied by before and after photos of the damaged items as well as a detailed description of how you believe the damages occurred. If this is not reported in this manner, we will not be able to submit a claim to our insurance or offer any remedies or compensations. 

  • ​If our crew is only loading OR unloading a truck or pod, we are not liable for damages due to the possibility of the damages occurring in transit or on the end of the move that we did not service. 

  • Order cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee if proper notice is not provided; $25 for orders canceled 12+ hours before order is scheduled to start, $50 for orders canceled within 12 hours of the scheduled start time. 

  • We are an online labor only service. As the customer, you are responsible to provide any equipment that is needed to complete the order. If you are asking our crew members to move appliance(s) but are not providing an appliance dolly for them to use, then our crew members are not required to move the appliance(s) and/or are not liable for any damages that occur to the appliance(s).

  • By ordering our services you are agreeing to these terms of service and acknowledge our assistants are provided for labor only. You also agree to accept our basic damage protection policy regarding all valid claims of damage.

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