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The Muscle For Your Move

Our services are best utilized by people who are undertaking their own move but would like some help moving their heavy furniture and boxes. We are a labor-only service which means we only provide the muscle, not the truck. Still need to rent a truck? Check out our Moving Resources page to find an available rental truck near you.

Attention: Prices shown are not final. Travel Fees apply to most jobs. 

3hr minimum for most multiple location orders


One Moving Assistant

Useful for simple moves without bulky furniture or when you already have some help but could use one extra set of muscles.


Two Moving Assistants

Most Popular!

Great for apartment & small-midsize household moves. Two of our Alpha Moving Assistants can typically load a 2 bedroom apartment in a little more than an hour. A 3 bedroom household can typically be loaded in 3-4 hours. 


Three Moving Assistants

This team of three will blow you away with how quickly they can load or unload your moving truck. Adding just moving assistant to the typical 2-man crew can make a huge difference and might be the best option for your larger household move. 


Four Moving Assistants

A team of 4 is great for moves that involve multiple trucks, pods, or trailers. Having 4 of our Alpha Moving Assistants helping you with your move will make your large-size move a breeze!

Travel Fees

Travel Fees:

Mileage is calculated from the campus which your moving assistants are dispatched.

1-10 Miles
11-20 Miles
21-30 Miles
31-40 Miles
41-50 Miles
51-60 Miles

* Minimum travel fees apply to all jobs -- Chicago Minimum: $40 -- Central IL Minimum; $20

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