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Built by student-athletes, for student-athletes.

Alpha Moving Assistance was started by college student athletes at Millikin University in Decatur, IL as a way for them and their teammates to make money both during the busy school semesters as well as while living and training on and around campus over the summers. 

Employees of Alpha Moving Assistance are never required to work a job, but are instead free to pick up jobs based upon their availability. As former college student-athletes, we know that having a set schedule and mandatory hours is just not a compatible scheduling structure for someone who has more than a full-time job's worth of responsibilities throughout the week between school, practice, games, family, and trying to have a social life. 


Click on the button below to fill out a quick application so that our area coordinator for your region can reach out to you and get you set up to start working jobs in your area. 

Sponsorship and Tuition Reimbursement Programs

As a company, we believe that we can offer more than just work opportunities to our college student and student athlete employees. That's why we have started a Tuition Reimbursement program for our student employees to help pay for school and school related expenses as well as a sponsorship program for our current student-athletes that capitalizes on the new opportunity for college student-athletes to get paid when brands use their name, images of them, or their likeness as an athlete to promote their company. 

Below are some informational PDFs that outline each program, including how to take part in either program:


2023 Tuition Reimbursement Program for College Student Employees - Click Here to View Info

New in 2022, our Tuition Reimbursement Program is a way to give that little bit of extra financial help with school related expenses like tuition, housing, books, and even everyday expenses like proper food and other necessities. The top moving assistant in each area will receive a $500 check to help pay for school related expenses and all other qualifying participants of the program will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. 


NIL Sponsorship Program for College Student-Athlete Employees - Click Here to View Info

In 2021, long after they should have, the NCAA/NJCAA approved college student-athletes to begin receiving financial compensation for sponsorship and endorsement deals that use their own name, image, and likeness as a college student-athlete. We sponsored a few athletes in 2021 but startiin 2022 we are allowing all actively rostered college student-athlete employees of Alpha Moving Assistance to participate in our NIL Sponsorship program. 

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