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The Muscle For Your Move

Alpha Moving Assistance provides a reliable source of labor for do-it-yourself moving and other simple labor tasks such as home renovations and spring/fall cleanups. Call or text us today for all your moving labor needs!

You have the Truck/Trailer/Van/Pod? WE will provide the heavy lifting to help you load or unload it!

 (Truck & Labor) sometimes available upon request.

load truck service
load truck service
DIY moving
unloading help

Basic Damage Protection Provided

Service Areas

Central Illinois

Counties: Macon, Sangamon, Champaign, Mclean, DeWitt, Christian, Shelby, Moultrie, Logan 

Do we not service your area yet? Find moving labor that's local to you here

Powered By College Student-Athletes

labor for moving

Alpha partners directly with college-student athletes because of the intangibles that come along with playing sports on the collegiate level.

Our guys are strong, educated, light on their feet, and tough (both physically & mentally)

These are skills that can't be taught on the job and that is what makes us a crew of Alphas 

By ordering labor assistance from us, you are not only getting help from guys who are more than capable of lifting and handling your heavy belongings, but you are also providing an opportunity for a college student to make some money while going to school and playing the sport they love. 

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